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Socks For A Good Cause

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About Sockgaim



Sockgaim is Australia’s best sock of the month club and one-stop shop to buy socks online. With Sockgaim, you will always have the right pair of socks for every occasion – from work to sport; from casual to fun – even for bedtime!

If you want to buy socks online, you’re in the right place. We have a unique and eclectic range of colourful, comfortable socks with designs by Australian artists. No matter how conservatively you need to dress for work, you can let your personality shine and make a subtle (or not so subtle) statement with a pair of cool socks that you love.

Monthly Sock Subscription


It’s easy! Simply sign up to our monthly subscription for delivery each month, billed monthly with free shipping Australia-wide. Alternatively, get a one-off subscription for a gift box. We also offer individual limited edition drops for special occasions.

For the best sock gift box options and sock subscription in Australia, look no further than Sockgaim. We are very proud of our “wearable art” sock products and our service and we know you’ll be delighted too.

Browse our website today to find the perfect pair of socks for yourself or someone you love!

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