While we’ve always had a passion for socks, our story begins with a conversation between two co-workers some years ago about a trendy pair of socks one of them wore. This quickly evolved into a competition spreading through the office to see who had the best socks. Why socks? They are such a simple and understated item of clothing, socks help in expressing yourself in a subtle way.

Whether you’re looking to stand out in your office or look cool in your lounge wear we’re here to help. Sockgaim is a play on ‘sock game’ and is the idea that we can turn practical day to day attire into so much more, into a statement. It’s our passion to help you get there. The only thing you have to do is ask yourself, how’s your Sockgaim?

Egg socks vineyard

“Colours that light up my wardrobe.”

– James L.

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