Meet the artists behind your crazy socks..

Claudia Perry

Artist, Sydney

Most noteworthy, Claudia is a Sydney based Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Her hand drawn style bounces around a mixture of digital illustration, large scale drawing and street art. Claudia’s work is a combination of highly colourful, cartoon-esque figures, phrases, and objects. Her art can often contain a hidden commentary of mental health. Claudia is always searching for her next funky sock design.

Claudia Perry / Artist

Alice Sam Profile

Artist, Sydney

Above all, Alice is an Illustrator, designer and maker based in Sydney. Alice’s work is inspired by her love for animals, quirky things and dinosaurs. Rawr! Alice brings her passion for bright colours, patterns and everything cute to each and every one of her sock pattern designs. Her illustrations feature an ensemble of curious characters with their own personalities and unique stories. When Alice isn’t doodling or making cute socks, she can probably be found at the dog park petting all the dogs.

Alice Sam / Artist

Emma Deusien Profile

Artist, Sydney

Ritual44 AKA Em Rose is a tarot-reading, word-smithing, artist who may or may not be from this planet but right now she lives and creates in Sydney, Australia. 

Em’s creative work has deep roots in the occult, metaphysics and feminism. The world she has hand crafted commands us to empower, heal and love the hell outta ourselves 100% unapologetically.  

Emma Deusien / Artist