Bright colours, vivid patterns and favorite themes on every pair of kids socks! You can find every theme under the sun with our funky kids socks. Juicy, red watermelons, fin-tastic sharks to ap-peeling bananas!

Get a matching pair of adults socks so you and your kids can rock out with your socks out.

If you would like to surprise the little human every month, sign up for Sockgaim's monthly sock subscription and enjoy a bundle of colourful and comfortable socks delivered to your doorstep!

Kids socks FAQs

What are Sockgaim’s kid’s socks made from?

Sockgaim's premium quality kid's socks are made of 80% combed cotton which prevents snagging, 17% polyester which allows them to dry quickly and 3% elastane which adds to the lifespan of the socks.

Sockgaim's kids socks are engineered to provide the best comfort possible while being creative and colourful!

What if I’m an adult but I love the designs of your kid socks?

Well, good news for you! Sockgaim's kids socks collection comes in adult sizes as well. Now you can style it up with your favourite little human and experience the little joys in life.

Choose the watermelon pair for a slice of summer, shark socks to join the feeding frenzy or go bananas for Cavendish bananas!

Fun Socks For Kids

Funky socks make kids' feel fabulous, express their excitement and find creativity in comfort.

Sockgaim’s kid socks are quirky, playful and absolutely adorable! Whether they pair funky shark socks with plain pyjamas or a bright banana pair for a playdate, they are sure to elevate their outfit game!

Kids' socks come in a variety of themes, tons of colours to choose from and the best part is that at Sockgaim, all novelty kids socks come in adult sizes as well!

We have socks for 3 to 6 year old kids and each pair is designed to up their level of comfort, their style and last for years. Choose your favourites from the variety of themes available and be the best sockstar in your group!

Celebrate the little joys with Sockgaim's premium range of kids socks that are comfy, fun and funky!

You can get the kids socks as single products, and stock up to add to gift boxes, goodie bags or stocking stuffers.