Wooden earrings are a foolproof gift for that special someone. Super cute and light on your ears What more could you want? They’re sustainable pieces of art that last long and do not harm the planet.

Want to know the best part? At Sockgaim, all wooden earrings are hand-painted by Australian artist Daisy and Ray! With so many creative designs to choose from, you get to experience art in its best form and support deserving artists – no wonder wooden earrings are so popular in Australia!

We have briefed a short guide below on how to choose the best wooden earrings, why Australian-made, hand-painted wooden earrings are your best choice and why do they make the best gifts to give to all the special people in your life on birthdays, graduation parties, homecomings and so much more!

Tips on choosing earrings

  1. When choosing wooden earrings, the first thing you must do is make sure it complements the face. 
    • For a round face, choose teardrop or geometric wooden earrings. 
    • Hoops and dangle earrings are your best bet for a square face 
    • Oval face, you're in luck - any style would suit naturally!
  2. Next is lifestyle, if you are gifting wooden earrings to a colleague make sure to go for muted colors to balance their professional attire and if your special someone loves a creative kick, go all out and get them the funkiest pair you can find!
  3. Lastly, be attentive to your special someone's natural style and you will notice them wearing your gift more often! If they are into conservative styles and stud earrings, give them a dainty pair of wooden earrings. For those that love wearing a big colourful set, go for geometric wooden earrings or even hoops.

Why Earrings Make A Great Gift

Earrings are memorable

Earrings are memorable - especially when they are hand-painted! There is no better way to show your love than giving a gift someone can cherish forever.

Earrings are versatile

Earrings make an excellent gift for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and even Christmas! Also, earrings are foolproof choices to give to a new partner to show you value having them around.

There's a pair of earrings for everyone

You can find earrings in any style, colour and size you prefer to give and every time they wear the earrings, they'll think of you!


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