Wooden Dinosaur Earrings


With earrings this cool, you are going to be a sight for saur-eyes! A gorgeous grass green colour pair of dinosaur earrings are just what you need to make your outfit feel like a dino-mite.

These dinosaur earrings are made of wood and they are hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly and down to the bone natural, how saur-some is that! Whether you have a roar with your friends, dress up for a visit to Jurassic park or order in a rex on the beach at your anniver-saury – these dinosaur earrings are sure to turn heads!

We feel ptero-ble not telling you the best part, these wooden dinosaur earrings are hand-painted! So not only are they good for the environment, perfect to make a statement at every event but they also support an artist’s work – nothing tricera-tops that!

These dinosaur earrings are approximately 45mm tall and come with a silver hook, they look good on every face shape, complement casual attires and go perfect with dinosaur theme parties! Calling all the best ladies in town, get your paws on these wooden, hand-painted dinosaur earrings when they are in town and make a statement so loud, you hear a roar at every strut.

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