Sock Care Guide: How To Wash Your Socks

Did you know that feet are the sweatiest parts of your body? They can sweat up to half a pint per day! Tossing your socks in for a tumble may seem like the best idea to take care of the grime but how do you wash your socks to keep them lasting for years without a snag, rip, colour fade or bleed in sight?

Read our sock care tips below for steps on properly washing your socks and the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

Steps To Washing Your Socks:

1. Sort and Separate

If there’s one thing you need to do out of everything in this list is to sort your socks and separate them by colour, style and stains. This allows you to preserves colours and reduces the spread of lint and fuzz.

Very dirty or stained socks should be washed separately on a longer, heavy-duty cycle. This provides the agitation needed to get rid of heavy dirt.

2. Pre-treat Your Socks

Stained socks may seem like a lot of work to wash but pre-treatment with stain remover will help do the heavy lifting for your detergent.

3. Reverse the Look

Sometimes the wrong way out is the right way. Turn your funky socks inside out to keep their threads intact, colours vibrant and lint-free.

With your socks turned inside out, it will prevent damage to the outside of the sock during the rough and tumble of the wash. The wear will occur on the inside of the garment where it is not noticeable.

In a climate that sees a lot of intense sun, like Australia, turning the sock inside out while drying on the clothesline can reduce fading, keeping your socks brighter for longer.

4. Mesh to Keep Fresh

Get yourself a laundry bag and stuff your pairs in to avoid dealing with single socks, snags from zippers or stretching from excessive tumbles in the machine. This extra layer of protection will help extend the lifespan of your favourite pair of socks so you can go on enjoying them every day. 

5. Set the Temperature

To avoid colour runs, set your machine on a gentle cycle and wash with cold water. If you’re using a washtub, soak for 30 minutes and then rinse.

6. Calm the Crusts

If you find your socks get too crusty or hard after washing or drying, add a bit of fabric softener after washing with your mild detergent and rinse for best results. Always remember to check the care label for specific instructions. 

7. Hang High to Dry

Air-drying your socks vertically is another priority step. It keeps your favourite pairs from losing their elasticity and comfort which can break in the dryer.

The Do’s of Washing Your Socks

  • Use cold water 
  • Keep settings gentle
  • Wash with mild detergents
  • Hang dry

The Don’ts of Washing Your Socks

  • Mix coloured or delicate pairs with athletics or white socks
  • Use the dryer on a regular basis
  • Put them away for dry clean


A good, well-washed pair of socks can definitely make you look your best and offer the comfort you need even on a bad day. With proper care and launder, your favourite pair of vibrant and comfortable socks can last for years on end!