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If you are a guy or girl who loves socks, what could be better than receiving a new and trendy pair of socks in the mail every month? With Sockgaim’s sock of the month club, your feet will always be warm, comfy, and bursting with personality.

Let’s face it, sock shopping can be a chore for a lot of people – but it certainly doesn’t need to be! With the unique and creative designs our dedicated Australian artists produce, you’ll have the socks with the most personality out of everyone you know.

Yes, socks are one of life’s necessities. But they can also be a great, subtle or not-so-subtle way to express yourself and influence how the world sees you. You might need to conform in your daily life, especially in the workplace, but a cool or crazy pair of socks worn under trousers and in shoes offer a glimpse into who you really are. With Sockgaim socks, you can show off a flash of your individuality and personality, no matter how conservative you need to otherwise be from head to toe!

Even better a vibrant, fun pair of socks is an instant mood lifter! What you wear impacts how you feel, think, and even act – so why not embrace a lighter, brighter outlook for the day with a pair of socks featuring things like dinosaurs, cacti, fruit and vegetables, cute characters, and more?

Our exclusive sock of the month club subscription is easy and you simply sit back and enjoy your regular delivery – twelve pairs of socks per year!

“What if I want more than one pair of socks per month?” you ask? No problem! Simply add a second (or third!) Sockgaim subscription and you’ll receive an extra pair (or two).

A monthly sock subscription is a gift that keeps on giving – whether for yourself or for another person, there’s nothing quite like looking forward to a surprise delivery for your feet every four weeks or so. So sign up today – we guarantee you’ll be delighted with your fantastic new socks!

Monthly Sock Subscription