Socks as a Gift – Yes or No?

Should you give socks as gifts?

It’s a cliché, but there are some gifts people stereotypically just don’t want to receive when it’s time to exchange thoughtful gifts. They include seemingly not-so-thoughtful items such as household appliances, hankies, sweaters, ties, underwear, and, yes, socks.

Yet times are definitely changing, and while a dull, conservative pack of plain grey socks might not be high on one’s wish list, a pair of cool socks in bright colours and designs is, in fact, an ideal gift and one which most people will delight in receiving.

The Traditional Gift of Socks

Socks are traditional stocking fillers at Christmas. But traditionally, they have also not been fun, exciting, or particularly appealing. And it’s these boring socks that have given socks-as-gifts a bad name. Yes, they’re useful. Yes, they did cost something. Yes, you will wear them.

But what about if some real thought went into the sock selection? What if the sock gift was colourful, fun, funny, crazy and creative? And what if they’re made to high quality, from premium materials?

This is where the traditional stereotype of socks being an unwanted gift falls on its head.

Socks – an Unwanted Gift No More!

Gifts are a powerful form of communication and a symbol – they represent how the giver feels about the recipient and can communicate how much thought and care has gone into the gift selection.

When you choose the right pair of socks, you can hit the nail on the head with your gift. Fun, happy socks with crazy designs show that some definite thought has gone into the gift and whether they are worn under work attire, on the weekend, or as the wearer cosies up at home on the couch on a rainy day, they will be worn loved, and enjoyed!

Sock Gift Box – a Gift that Keeps Giving

Gifts should make the giver excited to give and the recipient happy to receive. And when it’s the thought that counts, a great pair of fun and comfy socks is a fantastic gift!

By choosing a sock subscription from Sockgaim, you’re giving a gift that keeps on giving. It will very much delight its recipient.

Our unique, vibrant, fun and crazy sock designs are ideal for everyone in the family and all your friends as well. Our designs can’t be found anywhere else and our socks are literally wearable art for your feet and ankles! Even better, our sock gift box comes as a monthly sock subscription and you choose its duration – so instead of getting a one-off gift, your gift recipient will enjoy a surprise pair of new cool socks every few weeks.

Now, what could be better than that?

Check out Sockgaim today and up your sock game – for yourself and those you care for!