Socks Your Dad Will Love!

Socks are the ultimate comfort gift – especially for dads! Style dad up in a toe-riffic pair and warm up his soles with socks your dad will love.

Here are seven of the best pairs Sockgaim offers for all the sock-star dads out there!


The bright toe-rquoise pair of socks featuring yellow Cavendish bananas add a special flair to every morning and promise to ap-peel your Dad into starting their move for the day on a good note. Clothed in combined cotton, a bit of polyester and elastane – the socks are ripe with comfort and durability!

banana socks


If your pops is a fan of summer, they are going to devour these slices of watermelon socks. With the comfort of cotton and flexibility of elastane perfected by colourful designs of juicy watermelons on a light blue background – this pair is really one in a melon!


Is your dad an early riser? Style their mornings sunny-side up with this pair of comfortable cotton socks featuring eggs on an aqua blanket with orange cuff, heel and toe. Because not all dads have the same favourite way of having their eggs, this pair of socks also offers choice coming in two different sizes (Large: US- 9 -13, Small: US – 5-8). Vivid, fun and the perfect gift to wake up to – the pattern is hard to beat.

Egg socks vineyard


Swimming in a sea of red and blue, this pair of socks featuring sharks are going to leave every dad feeling like a starfish! Get your dad a pair and help him get to the other ‘tide’ of style with a new fun look.

Shark Sock tile


When prickly things in life bring your pops down, cheer them up with a fun pair of socks featuring cactuses growing in a land of bright orange and yellow. Made from 80% combed cotton, 17% polyester, 3% elastane, the pair’s comfort is sure to prickle any dad’s fancy!


Rooted in a dark purple shade, these carrot-themed socks are sure to leave a lasting impression on your dad. Pops of orange on a comforting soil of cotton – the carrot socks are going to be outstanding in every field! Designed in Australia by Claudia Perry

Carrots sock tile


This purple pair of cotton socks with a funky fox pattern, they’re sure to become your dad’s next favourite. The fun, colourful and vivid pattern are all signs this pair is going to be the next tail-blazer in your dad’s sock drawer. 

Socks have been a style statement every season and with the possibilities of themed socks being nearly endless, there is really no reason for any dad out there to not feel their extra best at home and out. The most comforting part of every individual’s wardrobe and for someone who is mostly always on their feet, help your dad rest his feet with the gift of our premium socks.